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The Offshore Financial Trade Association

trade associationWelcome to the Offshore Financial Trade Association website where you will discover the most resourceful links and articles on all legal matters related to the history of the Offshore Financial Trade Association.

The Offshore Financial Trade Association offers support to companies based in the UK to achieve their export potential.  For those exporting for the first time or businesses experienced in international trade expanding into new markets they  can help develop export capabilities and provide expert advice, reliable data, and professional research. 

Their  international trade teams are active in over 200 posts worldwide and are available in over 45 UK offices.

The Offshore Financial Trade Association is committed to representing the interests of businesses in the UK and to support and encourage the future prosperity of those businesses.

They aim is to promote and encourage the development of offshore financial centre commercial enterprise within the UK and offshore; to structure mutual confidence and understanding between enterprises; to develop relations between those enterprises and the public at large, and to present a collective voice to government bodies and agencies.
Known previously as Trade Partners UK and Invest UK, both part of British Trade International, their new single identity signifies their continued commitment to meet the needs of companies operating worldwide.

They operate in many business sectors in the UK, on continental Europe, Asia and USA and have specialist international experience in establishing offices in Scandinavia, France, Germany, Japan and Holland and have access to international dealer networks worldwide.

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